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fic index

index of je ficCollapse )

Some (but not all) of my fic can also be found at archive of our own, if you prefer to read there :D

Overture (Ryo/Subaru)

title: Overture
pairing: Ryo/Subaru
words: 2224
rating: NC-17
summary: "What if I told you to wait?" Subaru asks, looking up at Ryo with dark eyes, wide and curious.
notes: Written for crumplelush for je_fqfest 2014. (original post)

OvertureCollapse )


Self Preservation (Yoko/Hina)

title: Self Preservation
pairing: Yoko/Hina
words: 8212
rating: NC-17
summary: Hina makes Yoko ask him for permission for everything he does all day. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
notes: This was originally an idea I planned to write for the kink_bingo prompt "humiliation (verbal)," then abandoned for over a year and picked back up due to some conversations about it. I started writing it and then it just spiraled into this, lol. I've got a lot of feelings about Yoko's feelings, news at 11. Thanks Amanda for the encouragement (and assistance with itunes shuffle title determination) ♥

/=/=/Collapse )


Fortune and Glory (Yoko/Hina)

title: Fortune and Glory
pairing: Yoko/Hina, past Hina/Becky
words: 10,344
rating: PG-13
warnings: minor character death
summary: Yoko goes on a trip.
notes: Written for buzzbird for je_otherworlds 2013. Elements in this fic have been stolen from TORE and also somewhat from Indiana Jones and The Mummy. Please forgive my complete lack of knowledge about ancient Egyptian stuff, any information in this fic either comes from wiki or was completely made up to suit my needs. (original post)

faaaarafarafarafaraCollapse )


Dreamscape (Hina/Eito)

title: Dreamscape
pairing: Hina/all of Eito (in pairings and individually), Hina/Hina
words: 4210
rating: NC-17
warnings: drugs, dub-con, breathplay/drowning, violence (misc.), pet play, fisting, dirty talk, facial, spanking
summary: Hina has some dreams.
notes: Written for yue_akuma for je_fqfest 2013. (original post)

only in dreams / we see what it meansCollapse )

Care and Feeding (Yoko/Sho)

title: Care and Feeding
pairing: Yoko/Sho
words: 2180
rating: NC-17
warnings: breathplay, slightly unhealthy relationship dynamics
summary: Yoko's not really sure if what they're doing is helping or hurting, but if Sho wants him to play the villain, he's happy to oblige.
notes: This was written for the "breathplay" square of my kink_bingo card, and was heavily inspired by a prompt Elfie gave me about a TQS-era Yoko/Sho kinkfic that's possibly unhealthily involved with their characters.

There's a message on Yoko's phone from AibaCollapse )


Four Stars (Maru)

title: Four Stars
character: Maru
words: 1,607
rating: NC-17
summary: Maru tries out a new toy.
notes: Written for the "fucking machines" square of my kink_bingo card. With love, for Katie ♥

It was kind of an impulse purchaseCollapse )


Hunger (Ohkura/Kanjani8)

title: Hunger
pairing: Ohkura/Kanjani8
words: 4382
rating: NC-17
warnings: CONTAINS VORE. Seriously, warnings for cannibalism, character death, dub/non-con, bloody guts and gore, etc etc etc.
summary: Ohkura eats Kanjani8. Because he loves them.
notes: Written for the guro square on my kink_bingo card. Please please please take the warnings and the summary to heart and do not read this if the idea of it grosses you out XD And thank you to the few people who are interested in this kind of thing and encouraged me while writing ♥

It's not just that Ohkura's hungryCollapse )

Tags (Subaru/Yasu)

title: Tags
pairing: Subaru/Yasu
words: 3,638
rating: NC-17
warnings: Not terribly safe body piercing practices
summary: AU. Subaru and Yasu are in a punk band.
notes: Written for elyndys for k8_exchange 2012. Thanks to Katie for brainstorming of the AU and Ciara for looking it over for me ♥! (original post)

start line の feelingCollapse )

(Strung) Up For It (Ryo/Yasu)

title: (Strung) Up For It
pairing: Ryo/Yasu
words: 1861
rating: NC-17
summary: One of the things Ryo loves about Yasu is that he's always up for anything Ryo wants to try.
notes: Written for the "bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)" square on my kink bingo card. Thanks to Katie for discussions of how hot this would be ♥

'I've got a stool in the closet if you can't reach.'Collapse )